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A new report by Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) the specialists in worldwide telecommunications pricing research, finds that more MNOs are now partnering with 3rd party content providers – including OTT specialists – than ever before.

The report, entitled “2014 Pricing Strategies for Mobile Content Services” analyses content pricing from 90 MNOs in 51 countries across the world. It examines five types of mobile content – including mobile music, mobile social media, mobile gaming, mobile TV & mobile cinema services – offered by MNOs around the world.

MNOs are offering content services using 3rd party partners. For mobile music, many MNOs are partnering with Spotify and Deezer " music streaming services, but pricing varies extensively, ranging from USD 1.27 per month up to USD 14.55 per month. " Rates vary mainly due to country factors, with MNOs in Argentina, Brazil & Malaysia...

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