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A natural anti-inflammatory painkiller found in GOPO, could save the NHS tens of millions of pounds in the treatment of sports injuries

Results of a UK pilot study conducted by researchers at the Centre of Sport & Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University, has confirmed the benefits of GOPO supplementation, offering hope to the 8 million amateur sportsmen and women suffering with joint pain every year.

Scientists found that the rose-hip-derived compound GOPO reduced knee-joint pain, improved quality of movement, and may prevent the degeneration of cartilage and tissues. The study, which lasted three months, is the first to show that GOPO can work on sports injuries. A previous study showed that GOPO is three times more effective at providing pain relief to sufferers of arthritis in the knee and hip.

"Regular ingestion of GOPO decreased joint pain and joint resistance in knee flexion and extension, and improved quality of movement...

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