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Cloud-based technology gives customers peace of mind, agents a better experience and retailers out-of-the-box compliance

29 November, 2011: A positive customer experience and PCI compliance are no longer mutually exclusive in the contact centre courtesy of new technology from NewVoiceMedia, a global provider of cloud contact centres. The company has launched a new mid-call IVR service that enables agents to take card payments securely from customers by transferring them to an agent free IVR service to take the sensitive card data. Following payment the caller is automatically transferred back to the agent to conclude the call ensuring customer service is maximised.

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia commented, “Many of our customers use our stand-alone PCI compliant IVR service; the next logical step was to integrate that level of security within the day-to-day running of their contact centres. Our customers are really excited about this approach as...

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