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Gavin Beckett at Agile Awards ceremony

Bristol City Council has won the ‘Best Use of Agile in the Public Sector’ award through nominees Gavin Beckett and Tara Dillon for optimising their delivery of digital citizen services. The award was part of the leading Agile Awards ceremony held at the Grand Ballroom of the Montcalm Hotel on Thursday, November 12th.

Radtac partnered with Bristol City Council (BCC) in November 2014 to provide expert Agile support and skills, supporting the Council’s technical and service teams, and working with them to build a delivery model that would empower the BCC to achieve their Digital Service delivery goals.

BCC had an ambitious savings target to be achieved through their business change programme. The Council acknowledged the need to focus services around user needs and deliver digital services “so good that people prefer using them”, according to Gavin Beckett, BCC Chief Enterprise Architect. BCC had started working with Agile, however needed to deepen...

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