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Fed up with the Feds and perverts peeping at your timeline? Get FaceWiped!

1 APR 2014 - SILICON ROUNDABOUT, LONDON - A new service, transcreated a stone’s throw from the UK’s Old Street tech cluster, promises to end the modern-day scourge of smartphone snooping, phishing and identity theft for ever.

FaceWiped TM uses techniques adapted from alleged cyber-terrorists Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to turn the tables on intrusive government agencies, nosy neighbours and commuter ‘shoulder surfing’. Its innovative technology brings to an end the horror stories of Social Media exclusion caused by Cyber attacks and poor data practices.

The free-to-use Facewiped TM service is simplicity itself. New users download the app for free, or, even more conveniently, upload their basic information (typically just email address, passwords and bank details) to a website connected to a...

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