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This year Road Safety Week (November 18-24, 2013) is asking people to ‘tune in’ to road safety in a bid to cut accidents caused by driver and pedestrian distraction. Everyday actions such as speaking on a mobile phone, listening to loud music and eating, smoking or drinking at the wheel can be major driver distractions. Wearing headphones, talking/texting on a phone, playing with a ball or not holding young children by the hand can lead to pedestrians losing concentration on the dangers of the road.

One second’s distraction on the road can change your life forever: half of all traumatic brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle crashes including cars, trucks and motorcycles hitting each other or cyclists and pedestrians.

“We encounter a wide range of brain injured people but a very high proportion have suffered their injury as the result of an accident on the road,” explains Sally Dunscombe, Director of the Brain Injury Group, a national network...

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