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Mother’s Day is a good excuse to buy your mum flowers to show your love and appreciation. But flowers, like anything else cultivated, can have harmful environmental and social impacts. Nigel’s Eco Store looks at greener ways to buy blooms.

Nearly 80% of the cut flowers we buy in the UK are imported from The Netherlands, Colombia and Kenya.

Twenty years ago half of flowers sold here were from the UK; now it’s just 10%. It’s big business – as a nation, we spend £2.2bn on cut flowers every year.

In Africa, flowers grow naturally because of the climate but in Holland they are grown in heated greenhouses, which need energy to maintain the temperature.

The environmental impacts of cut flowers:
Carbon emissions: In his comprehensive book, How Bad are Bananas?, Mike Berners-Lee calculates the amount of greenhouse gases (CO2e) released in the growing...

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