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Rise of the tablet boosts handbag contents value to £2K

• Over two-thirds of young people carry between £500 and £2K worth of goods in their bags every day
• Nearly half are constantly worried about damage
• 10% of iPad 2 owners reported accidental damage within twelve months of purchase

Over two thirds (69%) of young people carry around £500-£2,000 worth of technology in their bags every day, a figure which is set to increase this month with the launch of the eagerly anticipated iPad Air and iPad mini 2 models which are set to retail at £399 and £319 respectively.

The boom of iPad and tablet usage in the UK presents its fair share of problems with 43% those surveyed reporting they are constantly worried they will damage or smash them while travelling. It seems these concerns aren’t unfounded as a tenth of consumers reported accidental damage of their iPad 2 within the first year.


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