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Marketing Maturity Matrix Infographic

• Two thirds of procurement professionals claim maverick marketing spend is widespread.
• Four fifths of firms struggle with immature marketing procurement practices.
• Almost half feel pressure to improve marketing procurement.
• Almost a third face conflict with the marketing department as a result.

Europe’s top 500 businesses are struggling with ‘maverick’ buying of marketing products and services, with suppliers being selected ad hoc across organisations.

Over two thirds (67%) of procurement professionals in Europe’s largest companies say maverick buying is rife, leading to significant overspend and missed savings.

David Fincham, Business Development Director at Charterhouse, comments: “Maverick marketing procurement is a costly problem for Europe’s largest businesses, but can be very difficult to identify.

“Yet it represents the tip of the iceberg in ‘hidden’ savings. Firms need to take a fresh...

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