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Lydia, Your Georgian Girl

- let girls be girls: intelligent, feminine dolls bring British history to life -

- range expands with new doll, Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™ -

Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™ is the latest addition to the multi award-winning range of historical play dolls, books and accessories in the A Girl for All Time collection. Created by British boutique toy company Daughters of History Ltd., the age-appropriate, educational companion dolls have been designed to appeal to modern, young girls aged 7+.

The newest member of the fictitious Marchmont family to be immortalized as a doll is Lydia Peyton. Lydia, Your Georgian Girl™, wears a gorgeous yellow dress in the robe a l’angaise style, popular of that era. Her life is turned upside down in an accompanying book telling the story of how she must leave England and her beloved home, seat of the Marchmont family for over 200 years, to start a new life with her family in the American colonies. Additional...

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