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Home-grown GFI solution gives small and mid-sized businesses access to software-defined wireless capabilities; hardware-agnostic nature keeps costs down and avoids equipment vendor lock-in

London, UK - 13 March 2014 – GFI Software™ today unveiled GFI WirelessSentry™ (GFI WiSe™), a cloud-based solution designed to allow IT administrators to easily monitor, manage and secure their wireless networks, optimising performance while protecting users from wireless threats, regardless of the networking hardware deployed.

GFI WiSe uses a simple-to-deploy lightweight sensor on a local machine near each access point, in conjunction with a web-based cloud management console. After deploying the sensor, WiSe automatically identifies nearby wireless networks and access points, which can then be easily monitored and managed via an intuitive dashboard that can be accessed using a variety of...

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