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LONDON, United Kingdom, 2 April 2014 – UK companies are failing to meet the expectations of Generation C. That’s according to a new report from content and information management specialists, infoMENTUM. The report examines the growing expectations of over 1000 office workers throughout the UK.

Up to one in five ‘Generation C’ employees consider their company’s IT systems as archaic, unreliable, or too slow. Additional findings suggest marketing departments are also lagging behind, with 30% of Gen C respondents being frustrated by online advertising.

A further 83.5% listed internet advertising techniques such as pop ups and auto-playing videos in their top five annoyances online. According to the report, this frustration with advertising is largely a result of the two-way dialogue that social media has allowed Gen C to develop with their favourite brands. This two-way communication is rapidly becoming an expectation, with pop-ups and banner ads being...

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