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Breakthrough innovation includes applications for real-time personalisation, calendaring and planning and search engine optimisation

LONDON, UK. — 08 April, 2014 — Marketo Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTO), the leading provider of marketing software, today introduced the industry’s most advanced customer engagement platform, with innovative new capabilities for marketing execution and analytics. Through the platform, marketers can now easily automate and oversee their entire digital marketing and campaign strategy in real-time. The result: An entirely new, simple way to drive customer acquisition and loyalty through the creation of meaningful personal relationships.

“The idea of one-to-one marketing has been around so long that it has become synonymous with the unachievable – the holy grail of marketing,” said Phil Fernandez, president and chief executive officer at Marketo. “With our customer engagement platform and our continued innovation, it is not only possible,...

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