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The latest figures from Ipsos Retail Performance show an improvement to average weekly shopper numbers in March. The Retail Traffic Index, which measures the number of shoppers entering over 4000 non-food retail stores across the UK, rose by 4.5% on February, better than the monthly lift of 3.8% in 2013, despite Easter falling into March last year. For this reason the year-on-year figure saw a decline in March, down 3.7% on last year.

“Compared to last year, March 2014 has been low key,” comments Dr Tim Denison, Director at Ipsos Retail Performance. “We suffered from heavy snow fall and cold weather last March, but we also benefited from the Easter holidays. It is difficult to interpret just how good the latest footfall figures are, but it is fair to say that we had expected year-on-year growth to return in March and that was not the case. Certainly the de-seasonalised trend is...

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